Newcomer Agencies
Better Outcomes helps
Newcomer-Serving Agencies
Since 2005, newcomer-serving agencies have used the Better Outcomes software platform to free their staff from administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on better outcomes for the clients they serve. Organizations can achieve a single view of client information, easily access their data, and automatically report to iCARE and other stakeholders.

The Better Outcomes team has over a decade of experience supporting newcomer-serving agencies. This domain is very strategic to us. We are continuously learning and evolving our services and platform based on our experiences with the organizations we serve. Our flexible software platform reflects what newcomer-serving agencies need. Our standard newcomer-serving agency template includes settlement, language, and employment functionality, and is configurable to meet your organization’s unique needs.
By electronically uploading data to iCARE,
our clients save days of manual data entry effort every month.
Our Approach
Implementing a data management system may be perceived to be overwhelming due to the changes that technology will introduce. Our Better Outcomes team will first seek to understand your organization's unique challenges and adapt the consultation, implementation and ongoing training as required to meet your needs. This tailored approach to implementation planning will ensure the platform will meet your current needs, and support you as you evolve, change and grow.
The Better Outcomes platform is extremely flexible: we configure the platform to fit your organization’s unique needs and requirements.
Some organizations first opt to start with basic Better Outcomes solutions and frameworks, and later implement customizations once they have become familiar with the platform. From the first day you use the Better Outcomes platform, you can easily access your data, and improve service delivery to your clients and reporting to your funders and stakeholders. Access your data all day, every day from anywhere over the Internet. The platform is easy to use and allows you to run reports on-demand.

As a member of the Protegra community of software-enabled businesses, our Better Outcomes platform was built and is supported by Protegra’s software development team. We are constantly innovating and upgrading the Better Outcomes platform based on valuable feedback and insights from our clients. More than a decade of helping newcomer-serving agencies has given us a wealth of knowledge, expertise and continuity in this sector. We value our relationships and are here for the long haul.

Getting you up and running is easy. Our team works with you to streamline the transition to Better Outcomes. Allow the Better Outcomes team to help support you so you can focus on the important work you do every day with your clients.
"IT dollars are part of the new age of doing business. If you’re not on a system and if you’re still thumbing through files, you’re missing an opportunity.
Better Outcomes for us has been a life-saver and breath of fresh air."
Al Benarroch
Executive Director
Jewish Child and Family Services
Winnipeg, Manitoba