Government & Funders
Better Outcomes helps
Government & Funders
Government and funders can access standard outcome and output data across the service providers they support to analyse trends, anticipate demands, plan proactively, and evaluate outcomes.
Our Approach
Better Outcomes can support centralized intake and the sharing of a single client record among service providers, with all the required security and privacy measures.  Because a single client record is available to and maintained by all service-providers, staff can be assured they are seeing the most up-to-date and complete information about each client.   Funded agencies can minimize duplication and administration time, improve service delivery, and measure progress against desired outcomes.
The Better Outcomes platform is extremely flexible: we configure the platform to fit your organization’s unique needs and requirements.
The Better Outcomes software platform is designed to assist evaluation of programs by allowing funders to easily track outputs and outcomes.   The platform can be configured so that data captured as a part of service delivery can automatically inform funder reporting in real time without further effort from service providers.

Through use of the Better Outcomes software platform, government and funders can improve how data is collected and measured, expand the capacity of sectors overall, and ultimately leave a legacy.
"IT dollars are part of the new age of doing business. If you’re not on a system and if you’re still thumbing through files, you’re missing an opportunity.
Better Outcomes for us has been a life-saver and breath of fresh air."
Al Benarroch
Executive Director
Jewish Child and Family Services
Winnipeg, Manitoba