“My capability as a manager has improved threefold thanks to the power of Better Outcomes.  We gave our staff lots of information, training and support as we introduced Better Outcomes into the agency. It’s very user friendly and classically Internet based. The drop down menus and so on – anyone with computer skills can make sense of the system. 

We are spending less time on paper work and data entry so our staff is freed up for other work. We can locate information we need more easily, and the staff is inputting better quality information to Better Outcomes than they did to the old paper files.  I can report with much greater accuracy on the outcomes that align with our various programs, and we can customize the factors we want to be able to quantify. Better Outcomes has a solid framework with templates we can customize to suit our needs in relation to the assessments we need to make and the categories we want to use to make those assessments. 

I now report with confidence and accuracy. I can use hard numbers, not just anecdotes and feelings. What is our impact? That is what I want to know, and I couldn’t assess that accurately before Better Outcomes. It was all hand counting and primarily anecdotal. 

We have more time to work with our clients, in part because our time has been freed up from endless data entry and data retrieval from piles of paper files.  With Better Outcomes, staff members are inputting better quality data directly into customized fields that reflect precisely the information that will best describe the client’s progress through an agency process or program. Staff are more efficient and their notes are more precise. 

I no longer travel with paper. I take only my laptop and iPad, and on a recent trip I didn’t even take the laptop out of my suitcase. I accessed everything I needed off my iPad.”
Al Benarroch, Executive Director
Jewish Child and Family Service (JCFS)
Winnipeg, Manitoba
"IT dollars are part of the new age of doing business. If you’re not on a system and if you’re still thumbing through files, you’re missing an opportunity.
Better Outcomes for us has been a life-saver and breath of fresh air."
Al Benarroch
Executive Director
Jewish Child and Family Services
Winnipeg, Manitoba