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Better Outcomes helps social service organizations remove barriers and achieve their missions through software and consulting services.
The Better Outcomes cloud-based software platform simplifies the management of data and information of large social services organizations and newcomer-serving agencies on the people they serve, from intake and assessment through to delivery services and outcomes reporting.  The software platform is very flexible: your staff can configure the platform to reflect your changing information requirements as your organization evolves and grows.

How does the software platform work?

Social service organizations and newcomer-serving agencies must produce meaningful outcomes reporting to government, funders, management, board of directors, as well as create operational reports that help them manage service delivery. A Better Outcomes platform subscription includes a base set of reports and easy-to-use electronic exports that will save you time and effort.  We are able to customize additional reports and exports to fit your needs as well.

Clients receive better service as staff members can focus on providing service and delivering programs while having access to up-to-date client information.  The Better Outcomes platform ensures a more simplified coordination of programs and services for your clients, as all relevant information is readily available to all authorized staff members.

Better Outcomes platform is Always There + It’s Always “On”

The Better Outcomes platform delivers the most accurate, secure and state-of-the-art cloud-based solution designed specifically for social service organizations that deliver an array of client services and programs. It allows you and your staff to access your information anytime, anywhere, securely via the Internet. As often as you like, our flexible solution enables you and your team members to access, view and keep updated on the activities, services and programs your clients participate in, and report on the outcomes based on client data.

You don’t need to worry about missing information as a result of staff turnover as all client information is recorded and is always available no matter which team member logs into the software platform.  You don’t want all your staff to be able to see all or specific client files?  No problem!  You have full control of which data staff members can access and view in order to do their work.
How Better Outcomes works
Key Features of the Better Outcomes Software Platform
Client Profile
Maintain all information about clients – demographics, contact information, family units, and relationships with organizations.  We can easily configure data entry and validation rules to meet your needs.

Within the context of specific programs, you can enter and keep the following information about a client:
Case Plan: goals and activities for a client
Service: a history of services a client receives
Case Notes: a history of staff interactions with a client
Documents: uploaded electronic documents related to a client
Assessments: a history of a client’s progress over time

Evaluations and Outcomes
View, measure and report on outcomes for internal and external requirements.
Maintain information about organizations that interact with your agency whether they are funders, donors, other service providers, employers, media, or other organizations with a unique relationship.

Upload to other systems
Generate electronic files containing data to be uploaded to other systems, such as for a funder, avoiding duplicate entry of data. For our newcomer-serving agencies, we have developed extracts for upload to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) iCARE system.

Keep track of registrations, attendance and wait lists for courses, workshops, events or training offered.

Maintain extended information about your organization’s volunteers including a history of the activities they have participated in and corresponding notes.
Manage basic information about transactions with a person or organization.

Maintain extended information and notes about people who work for you organization, whether they are salaried or on contract.

Maintain an inventory of items that are relevant to the work of your organization, including books, reference materials, electronic media, websites or other relevant items.

Help Desk & Ongoing Support
A Better Outcomes platform’s monthly subscription includes user support, unlimited Held Desk access, upgrades, and backups. The Better Outcomes platform enhancements are driven by client feedback on features and functionality.
Better Outcomes Platform Modules
A  Better Outcomes platform subscription includes access to ALL of the following modules and tools:
"IT dollars are part of the new age of doing business. If you’re not on a system and if you’re still thumbing through files, you’re missing an opportunity.
Better Outcomes for us has been a life-saver and breath of fresh air."
Al Benarroch
Executive Director
Jewish Child and Family Services
Winnipeg, Manitoba